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Seeeck And Tired: The French Awaken from their Wine and Cheese Stupor

March 31, 2009

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You know its goin’ down when the riots in Paris start.  The French practically invented the modern-day civil unrest/ revolution in the streets thing…and I know because I saw it in a Broadway musical!

As fires were lit and shop windows smashed soon after 8pm last night, riot police unleashed rounds of tear gas at a mob of about 750 youths.

One night last week, 300 of La France’s finest citizens were arrested during the riot depicted in the video above.  A total of 85,000 Frenchmen showed up to express their – how you say – discontent with the national economy and employment sitch.

Fighting broke out on all corners of the square, with police snatch squads moving in to arrest ring leaders. Chants of “Sarkozy resign” were heard, as what appeared to be well organised gangs went on the rampage in surrounding streets, targeting banks and other symbols of capitalism.