Analysts Weigh in on Bank of America Following TARP Repayment Announcement

Matt Phillips over at WSJ MarketBeat just posted some analyst takeaways from Bank of America’s TARP repayment announcement.

Here’s Goldman’s take (they are bullish on BAC):

Goldman Sachs: “BAC’s share count is now “set” at around 10 billion shares which should have a positive impact on the market implied discount rate (which we estimate at over 20%). Moreover, BAC will have a 8.5% pro forma Tier 1 common ratio versus 7.5% for the industry. This (hopefully) implies a growing consensus amongst regulators that 8% Tier 1 common is within the right ball park.

For the outlooks on BAC from Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo, click over to the post:

Bank of America TARP Payback: Five Analyst Takeaways (MarketBeat)

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2 Responses to “Analysts Weigh in on Bank of America Following TARP Repayment Announcement”

  1. euandus2 Says:

    As per , I think it is telling that the Treasury department is not advocating that the proceeds be used to reduce the number of foreclosures. In fact, Treasury had noted such an alternative in its “break the glass” TARP proposal in April 2008 (before Sept!). I suspect the power of the banking lobby explains this.

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